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Out for Justice

Character: Rica

Directed by: John Flynn

Written by: David Lee Henry

Produced by: Arnold Kopelson, Steven Seagal

Cast Members: Steven Seagal, William Forsythe, Jerry Orbach, Jo Champa

Released date: April 12, 1991

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Duration: 91 minutes

Gino Felino (Steven Seagal) is a Brooklyn police detective whose partner and longtime friend is shot down in the street in front of his wife and children. The culprit is Richie Madano (William Forsythe), a drug lord in the neighborhood who has known Gino since they were kids. With the blessing of his captain (Jerry Orbach), Gino is sent alone into the drug underground to find Richie by any means necessary. Along the way, Gino uncovers secrets about his deceased partner that he never suspected.

– Pure adrenaline-pumping, jaw-dropping thrills!
– Steven Seagal is… Out for Justice!
– He’s a cop. It’s a dirty job… but somebody’s got to take out the garbage.
– No Sleep To Brooklyn!

– Julianna Marguiles was cast specifically by Steven Seagal for her role in this film, but she didn’t enjoy working with him at all. She later said in an interview that she used to see Seagal working on projects for Warner Brothers while she was a regular on “ER”, and he would always say “Marguiles, come over here and show me some respect”. She bluntly said “he’s not someone I keep in contact with.”
– Film debut of Julianna Margulies.

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